pipe roll grooving machine, cutting equipment for a wide range of machining applications

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It can be roughly divided into CNC pipe roll grooving machine, hydraulic and so on. Mainly used in power construction, railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair, with many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation and other advantages. In addition to having the function of bending pipe, it is also a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining, which can shear steel plate materials of various thicknesses. The production is mainly that people need to bend an object and spend a long working time, and the beauty is not as good as that produced by the machine, so that products are developed to make the object bend better. It is the most common machine in our lives, which is mainly to bend an object, reducing labor costs in the traditional mode and greatly improving work efficiency.

In the bending process, the mandrel mainly plays the role of supporting the inner wall of the bending radius of the conduit to prevent its deformation. At present, if the domestic pipe is bent and formed on the machine tool without the use of mandrel, its quality is difficult to guarantee. There are many forms of mandrel, such as column mandrel, universal single, double, three, four ball head mandrel, directional single, multi-ball head mandrel and so on. In addition, the position of the mandrel also has a certain impact on the bending of the conduit: in theory, its tangent line should be flush with the tangent line of the bending die, but after a lot of tests have proved that 1 ~ 2mm in advance is better, and the bending quality is ideal at this time. Of course, too much advance will cause the phenomenon of the so-called "goose head" on the outer wall of the curved part.

The main influence of the bending forming speed on the forming quality is as follows: the speed is too fast, which is easy to cause the bending part of the pipe to be flat, and the roundness can not meet the requirements, resulting in the pipe pulling and breaking; If the speed is too slow, it is easy to cause the pipe wrinkling and the pressing block slipping, and the pipe with large diameter is easy to form the sag of the bending part of the pipe. According to a large number of tests on these two CNC, the bending speed of the conduit is determined to be 20%- 40% of the maximum bending speed of the machine.

pipe roll grooving machine https://www.john-sheng.com/Automatic-CNC-servo-groove-rolling-machine-for-car-seat-headrest-bars.html