What's The Reason? Best Bunk Bed Ideas Is Everywhere This Year

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Bunk bedroom ideas for adults could be just as cool.

The Best Bunk Bed Ideas to Dress Up Your Kids' Beds

If your child is ready to move from cribs to big kid beds pick a design that makes them feel confident. A DIY cactus wall mural from A Beautiful Mess will do the trick.

Bunk bedroom ideas for adults could be just as cool. Multi-functional elements like desks that are integrated into the structure, or trundle bunk beds can maximize space while maintaining an elegant look.

Loft Beds

Bunk beds are a great sleeping solution for kids rooms as well as guest bedrooms and primary spaces. They blend two or three beds into a single unit, and free up floor space to be used for storage, play or studying. And there are plenty of ways to decorate bunk beds to make them look stylish. It doesn't matter if you go for a classic full-over-full version or a twin-over-twin arrangement, or a loft bed with desk, these elegant bunk bed designs can help you create an unique sleeping space.

The basic design of bunk beds is a great option for most families. It features a twin bed on top and a large mattress below. The lower part can be used for other furniture, such as storage or a desk. You can also find bunk beds that have an incline or ladder for easy access to the top bed. Some bunk beds include a slide or a tower to make it more fun.

If you are looking for a contemporary idea for bunk beds, consider a wooden platform frame with sleek lines and neutral finishes. This frame can be easily updated with pops or patterns of color. You can pair it with matching bedding and accent furniture to create an overall look. This basic bunk bed, from @thejamielynnshow is decorated with a wreath to make it a festive and fresh. This bright treehouse loft from @pocketfulofpaint is cheerful and bright in her daughters' bedroom with a rainbow-ombre rug.

Shop at your favorite store to find a playhouse or castle style bunk bed that can be customized with curtains, murals and other decorations. There is also a study loft with a desk or workspace underneath. This is great for teens and adults who wish to transform their bedroom into a useful workspace.

If you have plenty of floor space and a bunk room designed to your specifications can provide enough sleeping and playing space for many children. This mezzanine play area is situated above the built-in bunks in this East London home designed by Hunting for George which allows the children to stay up high and leaving the floor space for dining and play.

Platform Beds

For a modern, minimalist design that's ideal for contemporary homes and industrial-style apartments, consider bunk beds with a platform. These bed frames don't require a box spring and instead offer a sturdy base constructed of solid wood or wooden slats. This can also make the bunk beds more affordable, according to their design. They might not be appropriate for heavier sleepers who require a firmer base.

Platform beds are easy to decorate in a variety ways. Some beds feature simple feetboards and headboards that give them a sleek, minimalist appearance. They can be found in any room. Some are equipped with storage drawers into them for added functionality, which is especially beneficial in small bedrooms and apartments. Some bunk beds feature reading lights integrated into each bunk and are an excellent idea for rooms with a limited amount of natural light.

If you choose to buy an solid-wood platform bed it can be a great investment that will last for many years to be. Wood is a sturdy and abrasive material. If you choose to purchase a wooden slat bunk bed it's a good idea to use a mattress protector to keep it looking neat and free from mildew and mold.

Platform beds are an excellent alternative to make space in smaller rooms such as lofts and studio apartments. It allows for a full-size mattress to take up less space on the floor, which makes it easier to move around the space. It can even make a room seem larger by creating a more spacious visual space.

Another advantage of the platform bed is that it can work with nearly any mattress that includes memory foam, innerspring and hybrid. You'll need to make sure that the slats aren't too close to each other to avoid the mattress from sagging.

If you're on a budget you can easily build your own bed frame for your platform at home. All you require is a basic metal or wood bed frame and plywood sheets cut to the size of the mattress. Then, simply attach the slats to the frame using wood glue and nail gun or screws. If you're worried that the slats will not be strong enough, you can add strengthening slats to the top. This will improve support and stability.

Ladder Bunks

Bunk beds are a great way to create extra sleeping space for kids without losing the floor space in smaller spaces. Choose a bunk bed with an incline instead of a staircase to create a stylish and functional design. Ladders can be a great way to save space and provide a safe climbing space for children of all ages. To make climbing easier, opt for an angled ladder with hand hole cutouts that help children grab onto it to pull themselves up into the bed.

A bunk with a ladder is ideal for changing the layout of your room in the near future, since the option to move the ladder up or away from the footboard or end of the bed allows for the greatest flexibility. Ladders come in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights to fit your particular space such as twin-over-twin, twin over full queen-over-queen and many more.

Some children might initially feel uncomfortable or uneasy sleeping in a bunk bed with the top of their mattress in front of their ceilings, as they're not used to the experience of having a bed so close to the ceiling. It can be helpful for these kids to have an un-level bunk in their room, so they can get used to the height and avoid any problems.

The layout of the bunk bed could influence the experience of climbing. Stairs are a step higher and often require more standing space than ladders. Stairs are also more difficult to move, which makes them unsuitable for families that move their homes frequently.

To address these concerns With a ladder, bunk beds can offer a more comfortable climb and are a great choice for older kids that are ready to move off of their toddler-style steps for something more modern. This mezzanine style bunk bed made by Katharine poole features a fun beach theme. It also has a staircase to allow children to easily reach the top level while also creating a comfortable space for reading, playing or studying.

Storage Bunks

There are several kinds of bunk beds that go one step above simply securing floor space. Beds with storage built-in are an ideal option for kids' rooms. They also offer the children with a place to store things like books, toys, and extra linens. Beds with desks are a perfect option for kids who want to work and play in the same space. Stair storage is an excellent option that blends safety with innovative design to make it easier for kids to climb up the bunk.

The simple wooden bunk bed is a great choice for a neutral room however, you can add an exciting color, such as this green shade, which makes the bedroom feel comfortable and fresh. This set of bunk beds is suitable for both girls and boys. It comes with a striped mattress cover and wall art that is a perfect match and a headboard with stripes. If you're creating a bunk set for an area that is shared by children, opt for dark-colored finishes that can endure the rigors of frequent use and washing.

You could consider adding a mezzanine to the bunk beds to create a play area if you have a big space that can accommodate a queen-sized bed. A lofted bedroom comes with an integrated desk, a cool balcony, and a mezzanine reading space. If your space is large enough, you can also consider an arrangement of three bunk beds for adults and kids alike.

Bunks with stairs are a great storage solution for small spaces, particularly when they have drawers that are sufficient to store bedding and other things. This unique farmhouse bunk with natural wood ladder and trim offers an elegant look with plenty of storage space for kids to keep their space tidy and organized.

No matter what style the room is, a bunk bed with storage drawers is a great feature for any bedroom for a child. This minimalist design by an DIY blogger is the perfect example of how bunk beds can function as an accent piece while keeping its style in the right place.